Teutoburg Forest

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Think for a moment about Europe, its countries and their geographical layout, also about their languages. If you notice a majority of the eastern European countries, their languages are called "romance" languages, due to their bases off of the Latin language. If you look at countries in the eastern part of Europe countries such as Germany and Poland, you will notice that these countries have no Latin base with in their languages. Now to the average person this might just seem as mere coincidence and would have not an inkling of care or wonderment at why this is so.

This one significant event changed the face of history. With out this battle, this very paper might be in a completely different language and Europe might look like a very different place. This paper will try to give the reader a very good attempt at educating them about the battle of the Teutoburg Forest.

Below, are the people, and history leading up to the battle of Teutoburg Forest. Focus on two important men Publius Quintilius Varus, and Arminius.

Publius Quintilius Varus. In 13 B.C. he was consul with Tiberius and later appointed governor of Syria by Augustus. He was also married to the grand-niece of Augustus. Some time before 7 AD, possibly at the time Tiberius was recalled to Rome, Augustus appointed Varus as the governor of a supposedly 'pacified' Germany. Varus may have been counting on Augustus to give the husband of a favored grand-niece an easy and profitable assignment. From historical records (which may be biased) it seems possible that Varus was a poor choice for the post, given his previous record in Syria and considering that Germany was far from pacified.

"But when Quintilius Varus became governor of the province of Germany, and in the exercise...