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For so many years we have been viewers of the many differences and fights between Democrats and Republican, all these fights just for one reason: POLITICS. Black vs. White? Up vs. Down? Wrong vs. Right? Evil vs. Good? NO! Of course not! Though sometimes the two camps may seem that far apart, in many ways they are closer together than either side wishes to acknowledge. The public symbolic displays of opposition, mud-slinging, righteousness and disgust with one another are meant to define differences, and to close the gates to each camp so that believers in either cause won't desert.

The excitable Daschle and the more restrained but cunning Gephardt, currently wield the sword of Democrats, while the resolute Orin Hatch, Phil Graham and Trent Lott spar equally well for the GOP side. The public hears the forcefulness and clamorous words intended for it, while in private these men know the truth, that there is more gray than Black or White; more middle ground than Up or Down; more compromise than Right or Wrong; and more fair than Good or Evil.

There are, however, fundamental differences, and people who "join" either side should be intellectually honest enough to know and accept those differences. Let's talk about some of the major differences - note that we will use the terms Liberal and Democrat interchangeably, just as we will Republican and Conservative. These are our "short-form" views of the two major political parties: Military issues - Democrats value safety and freedom as much as the next guy, but they tend to not want to invest in it as much as Republicans do. They wish to put their tax revenues into domestic programs.

The Democrats also love to pit military spending against domestic spending. In some ways that's a good thing, but...