Textbook evaluation of Pakistan studies book used in Pakistani schools

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Textbook is the primary implement of education at the school and pre-university stages of instruction.

In Pakistan, it is the only source of imparting education on all levels, because the teacher or lecturer don't teach or lecture but repeat what it contains and the students is encouraged or simply ordered to memorize its contents.

Further, for the young student the textbook is the most important book in his little world: he is forced to buy it, he carries it to the classroom everyday, he has it open before him when the teacher is teaching, he is asked to learn portions of it by rote, and he is graded by the quantity of its contents that he can regurgitate.

Pakistan studies textbook for class 10th is an amalgam of bits of geography, history, economics, civics, Islamic studies and international relations.

The textbook can be seen as the window through which students come to know, little by little, their chosen second language and the wider context this language is used in.

Textbooks cannot provide students with all the knowledge they require, but they are a major tool in enabling learners to progress.

These textbooks must provide with the language and tasks that are authentic and effective in enhancing communicative competence.


In this paper I will evaluate Pakistan studies textbook for class 10th. After discussing the contents of the book I will evaluate the book according to the evaluation Form which will focus on structures, vocabulary, style, skills, practical and theoretical orientation of the selected Book.

I will provide with major inaccuracies; exaggerations and slants found in the prescribed textbook. I will consider what the book contains and preach their positive contribution.

And what they omit and fail to mention and their negative contribution.

I will give my own analysis of...