Thank you... rememberance day in canada, why we are thankful for what the soldiers did for us so long ago

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Thank You

Most teens in Canada take their freedom for granted. We have always had freedom, and have never even really had our freedom threatened. All of us know that wars have been fought, and that Canadians took part. However, what many of us do not understand is that many Canadians were killed in order to protect the future of our country and the world. Just because the war did not take place on Canadian ground does not mean that Canada was not affected. Canada was hurt, and our country would be very different today if we have not won the wars. However, because our ancestors did win the wars, we have the privilege of living in a free country with many rights and liberations. What we have to remember is that this freedom did not come cheap, and we have to work to keep it.

One of the main facts about the war that many of us forget to realize is that both World Wars had a lot to do with one another.

Although the two wars were fought at different times, it was World War One that triggered World War Two.

After the First World War was over, all the countries involved signed the Versailles Treaty. This treaty stated that no countries could declare war upon on another. It also caused Germany to have to pay a large sum of money, which they owed as a result of World War One. This caused Germany to loose a lot of land. In addition, Germany was also very upset because they were the main nation to be defeated in the First World War.

Germany was not the only country that was not doing well at this time; the rest of the world was suffering from the economic crash. Dictators, such...