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TV is a needed experience in todays society and can effect us in many ways. It can free us and connect us to our daily lives. It touches on almost every factor in the daily life of most of us, to the point that we are almost dependent on it. The Nation might even go into another great depression if TV was forcefully removed from our society.

Television programing creates a relief from stress in our normal day. For a small amount of time the viewer can focus on a whole different world other then their own. He can almost leave his body and become a out of body observer in this whole new world. The problems in this world are simply put aside. Its stress relieving to know the only problems that exist can usually be solved within one episode.

TV can also allow the user to connect with the world around him.

Such as receiving information about the daily events of others on the news. He can also receive information more relevant to him like find out the weather outside and for days to come. Maybe find out how his stock and other investments are progressing. All this can be done from the comfort of his home.

TV shows aren't just about information. They help us socialize with other people. It creates a topic to be discussed with others. Its also creates common scenarios that can be used in analogizes, similes and examples. With out a common knowledge that all the participants of the conversation can relate to the conversation could be full of confusion and mis-understanding.

TV also helps the user learn about society. It can show what life is like in other places. Such as a common farmer has the ability to understand what a person...