Thanksgiving With the Family.

Essay by FatMama1012 October 2003

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Dining With the Family: Thanksgiving Dinner

Every Thanksgiving the entire family has a mustering at Grandma's house. We all rally up at Grandma's house to eat diner. She cook's everything. Like: turkey, ham, dressing, green beans, greens, potato salad, sweet potato pies, etc. It sure is heavenly. I could go for some right now.

To me Thanksgiving is better than Christmas. The reason for that is Thanksgiving has the best supper. Just cause Grandma made it. Every once in a while, grandma might not feel well enough to make our Thanksgiving dinner. Therefore everyone pitches in. My mother might make the macaroni & cheese. Auntie will make the splendid dressing. Robin will bake the ham, glazed with pineapples. Everyone has their favorite dish. As for everything else Grandma will make it. No one can duplicate anything that Grandma cooks.

After preparation of our Thanksgiving supper, we all begin to fill with joy as we eat our delectable dinner.

After we devour dinner, we all sit around and talk for hours and hours. As our food digests in our stomach making room for dessert. While eating our dessert, we babble about our family reunions and our family vacations. Everyone speaks about the old times, when we were young.

Grandma brings all of this good spirit together all the time regardless of the occasion. She is my family's nucleus (Grandma). If it was not for Grandma's charming ability to keep us together, we would not be who we are today. I'm absolutely correct. The good times that our family has together are wonderful. Not everyone gets to sit around and have dinner with their family on the holidays. So, those who do should be very content for it.

Time well spent with the people you love is awesome. Cherish all the...