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Conservative Margaret Thatcher's career in Britain's government as Prime Minister was the longest in Britain's history from 1979 until 1990, when she resigned due to pressure from her own party. Her strong leadership and policies left an impression on Britain and Thatcher's government with the name of Thatcherism. Thatcherism consisted of policies, including state distancing, the poll tax, and privatizing industries, as well as forceful and individualist leadership qualities.

Thatcher is remembered for her leadership style in Britain. She was an individualist, which meant every person was to be responsible for their achievement of welfare through the production of the marketplace. Government no longer needed to be responsible for promoting the interests of people collectively. Everyone was able to decide the best for their own welfare. In 1982 when Argentina invaded the Falkin Islands, Britain fought back to protect their own colony. Because Britain's success of the war, Thatcher proved to be aggressive in foreign policy negotiations and willing to spend money for defense.

Thatcher asserted her views on major policies in the government. She distrusted her civil servants and was willing to contradict their views. Her motto, known as There is No Alternative, proved she was prepared to push her ideas against civil servants and showed her dominant leader skills. Thatcher's leadership proved to be powerful over individualism, wars, and civil servants.

Thatcher's policies were memorable because they stressed the issue of reducing taxes and reducing the role of government. Her major policies were the poll tax, privatization of industry, and state distancing. Thatcher replaced the local property taxes with a poll tax, which was a tax on every living adult. The main idea of the tax would allow people to become aware of the costs of local government so they would then vote for low spending. Another...