"Thats 70's Show" analyzed in women's roles. Diversity class.

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When you head back to a time that is referred to by my mother as a time where polyester bell-bottom pants were a true fad, and nothing was more in style than rock tee shirts; one television show pops into the American populations head. That 70's Show reflects the time period very well, but includes many stereotypical views on women. The main character is a guy named Eric, and his family. He has a dad, named Red, who is less than enthusiastic about his teenage son. A blonde sister named Laurie, and a mother named Kitty who works as a nurse. The show is based around Eric Forman's social and family life. The friends that surround Eric are, Jackie, Michael, Steve, Donna, and Fez.

Eric's girlfriend on the show is named Donna; she is feminist with red hair. She is portrayed as manly, and the friends often joke about her masculinity.

She doesn't wear makeup, dresses different from the other girls, and also takes karate. The stereotype about feminists being manly and ugly definitely is shown in Donna. She is played as a supporting role throughout the series, although she has a great influence on her boyfriend's life.

Eric's mother, Kitty, who works as a nurse, often is cooking in the kitchen and drunk. Red, her husband, frequently makes jokes about her drinking. Kitty is known for also being over emotional, with menopause. Kitty represents the role of a house wife, playing a double role of a career as a nurse and a mother. Kitty supports the main character, Eric, by mothering him.

Laurie, Eric's sister, plays a young blonde that is known for her sex life. She always is shown wearing low cut tops, and asking her father for cash. Being a "daddy's girl" Laurie gets cash, then...