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No ExitNo Exit was a dark play about the afterlife and what it may be like. The play actually seemed to have some dark comedy to it, when it was preformed on stage. The pay is about three souls of recently deceased people, with three very different personalities. Each one is added at a time to this tiny room with only three beds. The first to enter the room is a man who is upset because his wife does not mourn his death and he knows he was the least of good men while living. The second is a hardheaded woman, who we find out later is a lesbian. The third magic ingredient to this hell whole is a woman who needs a man to satisfy her need for money and other sort of pleasures.

The play write was trying to give his point of view of how hell could be.

He believes that hell is created by all three of the conflicting personalities being put into one tiny room. There is a woman who wants an extremely insecure man, with a recent conscience, and part of that recent conscience is helped by a lesbian woman obsessed with the woman who wants the man. I am sure there are college people who have experienced similar hells on earth.

The play write gets his point across with out much examining needed to be done. The play write chose great and very real personalities for each character. All three have very little in common and each one is another's own demon. The stage lighting itself was very dark and almost no props were used making you focus on each character. Even the costumes of each character had to do with what was going on with the play. Only one performer had...