The Theatre Industry.

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The producer

Staging a theatrical production begins with the producer. The producer may be an individual, a group of individuals, or a theatre company. The producer has overall responsibility for the entire show. His or her main duties include one or more of the following: (1) acquiring a script, (2) raising money to finance the show, (3) obtaining a theatre, (4) assembling a creative team to stage the production, and (5) keeping financial records.

The director

In the modern theatre, the director is responsible for the artistic effectiveness of the production as a whole. The director usually decides how the script is interpreted and coordinates the efforts of all the other artists. The director has so much control that theatre in the Western world is often called a director's theatre. However, the best directors are tolerant of the ideas of the other artists throughout the production process.

In traditional theatre production, the director usually has five major duties: (1) analysing the text of the play and determining the interpretation that will shape the production; (2) working with the playwright, technicians, and designers of scenery, lighting, and costumes in planning the production; (3) casting the performers; (4) supervising rehearsals; and (5) coordinating each element of the final production.

Working with the designers. Before rehearsals, the director discusses the interpretation of the play with the set, costume, and lighting designers. These experts make suggestions about design, and the director may make specific requests. For example, doors and other openings may be needed at particular places on the stage. The director makes sure the proposed settings and costumes reflect the action, mood, theme, characters, and period of the play.

The director's assistants include a stage manager and, depending on the budget, one or more assistant stage managers, an assistant director, and a rehearsal...