Theft By Deception By: Eddie Coffelt Theft is described by

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Theft By Deception By: Eddie Coffelt Theft is described by Webster as the act of stealing. Theft in all cases is wrong, and to a degree is considered a felon. To our society it's considered immoral, and acts of justice have been taken to insure that these crimes are not taken lightly.

As our society relies on the flow of money from one merchant to another. when money flow begins to decrease economy begins to fall, when a product is taken without purchase, than merchants must take steps to ensure that his profit does not fall. Theft is a disruption in our society, it represents disruption, chaos, and anarchy, as does murder. Though theft can not be compared to murder it can lead to it.

If theft was a commonly used act of society, as for example is driving, than society would fall to pieces. Morals are what keeps use from thinking of the act of theft but justice keeps us from acting upon theft.

Because as a society we have found theft to be wrong, we do not think of stealing as acceptable, till our mind find it to be likable, as society did with rock n roll, but when our mind gets past what society has to say then we have only but the laws in place to keep us from stealing. These laws are in place to threaten us as well as keep our society in working order.

What happens when society mind changes? many things such as I mentioned before chaos. chaos is extreme violence disorder. In this case no longer are rules in place but an order is in tacked, this order is primarily based on survival skills and how well we fit in with our surroundings. This order is whom triumphs over whom. Once this is intact businesses begin to fall, theft is no longer immoral because what is moral is what suits us best for the position or state our society is in. Products for theft begin to decrees when a lack of businesses if any businesses are still in tact. Theft turns to robbery, because no businesses are intact persons property becomes invaded, property is stolen. Feud over land turns to murder. At this point we have worked are way from theft to murder by a social disruption.

Because theft is immoral this doesn't happen and hopefully will never happen, but because of a slight shift in society we would chose murder over life, or all hell has broken lose.

Laws are in tacked to prevent this but greed is strong, sometimes theft is the fastest way to fulfill greed. That simple fulfillment leads to a social disruption that would cost many people their lives for something simple as greed. Yet we cannot dismiss greed because greed keeps our economy running, greed makes merchants want to make a profit, or for sports teams want win a game. Greed is powerful and can be used for good, such as to keep the money flow going, but when it reaches the point of shop lifting than that's when greed is bad.

Whether people shoplift because the convenience of free products or if its because the risk is like sudden rush. The Statistics show that males are much more dissectible to the crime.

Arrest Statistics (Female - Male) Offender Category Category Dollar Amount Percentage of Total (%) Trend Female - Adult Offender $ 9,035.92 6.06 % Downward Female - Young Offender $ 14,572.25 6.02 % Downward Sub-Total (Female) $ 23,608.17 12.08 % Male - Adult Offender $ 75,011.65 63.43 % Upward Male - Young Offender $ 46,827.91 24.49 % Downward Sub-Total (Male) $ 121,839.56 87.92 % Total $ 145,447.73 100.0 % Though males are not solely responsible for all the shoplifting arrests they do make up eighty eight percent of the one hundred forty-five thousand dollars worth of products stolen. This could be due to the macho attitude that the male presents, or due to the thrill of the and stimulation that is experienced while the crime is being done.

Whether people shop lift for an easy buck, or if the thrill is like a sudden rush. It doesn't effect the one person. Not only does it hurt the owners profit, but it hurts in time for the person taking inventory, as well as it hurts the customer, because to replace profit, prices are hired for the customer costing them money out of there pocket. Altogether shop lifters hurt more then them self's when they commit the crime, they hurt the community too.