Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

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in, Their Eyes Were Watching God is a novel that follows the character of Janie Crawford as she evolves through each unique event that occurs in her life leading to the strong theme of self-discovery that the author vividly portrays through metaphorical language. In each marriage she learns valuable lessons, and has progressively better relationships and realizes how a person is to live his or her life.

In Janies's marriage to Logan Killicks it was the first stage in her development as a women. She hoped that her forced marriage with Logan would end her sorrow. She wanted to see love in her relationship. Janie felt their was no love between them. Janie goes to Nanny and explain to her that she can't find no passion of love between her and Logan. She decided to move on with her life and gets married to Jody Starks. He is the man who fills her desire for love, and continues her development as a women.

Janie was convinced that Jody believed she was a special person because he compliments her all the time. However, Jody never let her speak in front of people or teach her many things like checkers. She felt that she was free when Jody died. She felt that she was missing many things in her life and decided to marry Tea Cake. Tea Cake made Janie feel special with his words and took her fishing, hunting, to the movies , dancing and etc... For the first time I thought Janie enjoyed life and felt she was special with Tea Cake in her life. In her marriage with Teac Cake Janie experienced love. Janie's marriage with Tea Cake finishes her development as a women.

In conclusion, I thought that Janie felt like a developed women when she had...