Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

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The Muck Man

Vergible Woods also known as "Tea Cake," plays an important role in the book, Their Eyes Were Watching God. He is a young African American man in his mid twenties who becomes Janie's third and final husband. Unlike Logan Killicks and Joe Starks, Tea Cake provides Janie with the comfort she has been looking for all her life. Though he is way younger than Janie, he doesn't think about that but of Janie's inner beauty. Tea Cake shows his devotion and adolescent behavior throughout his marriage to Janie.

One of the traits Tea Cake expresses is devotion. Every since he met Janie at the store, he has been attracted to her. He takes her fishing and hunting which are new experiences for her. After Janie and Tea Cake are together, Tea Cake leaves for four days and Janie thinks that he left her.

His dedication for her makes him came back. He tells her that he left because he wanted to make money so they can go to the Sunday School picnic together. She doesn't believe that he loves her and that he is just being kind. Tea Cake tells Janie that she is the only one for him. Tea Cake shows us his loyalty for Janie when Janie thinks that Tea Cake likes Nukie, who is a little chunky girl on the muck. He her tells that she took is tickets and he was trying to get them back. Then he tells Janie " What would Ah do wid dat lil chunck of a women wid you around? He also expresses his devotion in another way. During the hurricane, Tea Cake told Janie to grab the cows tail and try to get on the cow. She grabs the tail...