"Thelma and Louise" Critique

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The film "Thelma and Louise" depicts the struggles and hardships that women encounter. These two particular women, Thelma played by Geena Davis and Louise played by Susan Surandon, with a twist of fait decide to overcome these obstacles. They both start out as timid at the beginning of the film; however, they end up turning into independent individuals.

During one of the first scenes of the film, Thelma is talking with her husband Darryl before he leaves for work. Darryl is very short and impatient with her. Thelma asks him if he would like anything special for dinner that night and he yells at her that he doesn't care and he probably won't even be home for dinner. Thelma always keeps a nice calm demeanor even when being spoken down to by Darryl all the time. Thelma and Louise take a break from driving at a rest stop and Thelma calls Darryl to let him know she is ok and will be home tomorrow.

This phone conversation is the turning point of their marriage. After Darryl acts as a father figure to Thelma she gets fed up with him and tells him fuck you and hangs up.

At the beginning of the film both women seem very uptight with their demeanor and with the way they carry themselves. For example, both Thelma and Louise are dressed very nicely, makeup done, and their hair is perfectly placed. Towards the middle to the end of the movie they both become much more laidback and are in jeans and tank top, barely any makeup, and their hair is let down and blowing in the wind as they are driving the 1966 T-Bird towards Mexico.

I noticed that the music before the murder was happy and the lyrics were about survival and...