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The Lord of the Rings The fellow ship of the ring, the first in a three book series.

This story it takes during the same time period as the Hobbit. There are creatures like goblins and orcs. There are some of the same characters such as Bilbo, Gandalf, and Golim. This story takes place when Bilbo is older. The main character of this story is Bilbo's nephew Frodo. It has to do with the magic ring that Bilbo found during his travels with the dwarves.

This whole story starts when Bilbo is in his quiet hobbit hole planning his going away party. Yes Bilbo is leaving the shire. It would be his 111th birthday soon. He would go away and explore the country again before he was too old. His nephew Frodo lived with him. Bilbo was very rich. Once he left Frodo would get all the riches.

Every day Frodo and Bilbo would be busy preparing for the farewell party. Gandalf came and helped out a lot. He came and went on important errands. Then finally the long awaited day has come. Frodo really wanted Bilbo to stay but Bilbo had his mind made up already. The banquet was huge.

There were a lot of hobbits there. There was the dinner for all the people invited and a dinner for all of the special inventions. Bilbo was always running back and fourth. After an hour or so Gandalf showed up with a lot of firecrackers. They were spectacular. He also brought with him a selection of various different toys for the children. Then it was almost midnight and it was time for Bilbo's speech. After his speech he slipped on the ring and disappeared. Every one was in shock. No one knew what happened except Gandalf and...