This is Thematic Analysis of 2 novels "Rocket Boys" and "Sister of My Heart".

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Thematic Analysis of Rocket Boys and Sister of My Heart

Dedication is defined by Webster's Dictionary as "a devoting or setting aside for a particular purpose." Without dedication you would never succeed at anything, but with dedication you can do anything you put your mind to. In these two novels, Rocket Boys and Sister of My Heart, by Homer H. Hickam and Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, the characters can only succeed in life if they are determined. The theme of dedication is evident in Rocket Boys and Sister of My Heart through the actions of Sonny Hickam, Ms. Riley, Anju, and Sudha. Sonny would never halt his rocket building/launching. Ms. Riley did everything in her power to help the rocket boys succeed. Anju, while carrying a baby, relentlessly works to earn money for Sudha and her baby to move to America. Finally, Sudha is resolute to live a happy life with her baby.

In the book Rocket Boys, Sonny Hickam was devoted to keep building/launching rockets. For example, when Sonny was told by his father never to launch rockets on company property again, he realized that they must find another place. Sonny tried to get support from the other rocket boys by saying, "We're outlaws now. We're not ever going to quit" (Hickam 98). This statement was made with determination, because Sonny knows if the rocket boys give up then they would never build better rockets. It is clear by Sonny's statement that the rocket boys would never stop building/launching rockets.

Equally important in Rocket Boys, Ms. Riley was unwavering on her decision to help the rocket boys be successful. For instance, when Ms. Riley gave Sonny the book about rocketry design, Sonny was astounded by this gift. While he was in the state of awe Sonny says, "I felt...