Thematic Essay on Hamlet

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"Evil often triumphs, but never conquers", a theme often used in many genres of literature. One might say that evil might triumph and be shown victorious at one point, but in the end all the problems you tried to get rid of, fall back against you anyways. Shakespeare's Hamlet, a work filled with this theme, elaborates upon it very well. By explaining to the audience the different thoughts behind each characters action, it shows the development of the plot throughout the play. Examples of this theme throughout the play can be shown with the newly crowned King Claudius, and how he achieves "his" new throne, the symbolism behind the poisoning of the Court of Ellsinore, the setting of the Castle, and the new found love and wedding of the late King's brother to his sister-in-law.

The newly crowned King Claudius is portrayed as a very evil and twisted minded character.

Claudius being the brother of the late King of Denmark wrongly poisons his brother, only to marry his wife, and slowly but surely "poison" the kingdom, and marry into the royal court for immoral reasons. Throughout the play Claudius shows how much power he truly doesn't hold, because in the end the good of his brother comes back and turns against him. Prince Hamlet during however uncovers the mystery of his father's mysterious death, and once again himself becomes evil, to conquer evil.

Claudius in return tries to use poison to kill Prince Hamlet after several arranged murders failed, and in return ironically fails again, and murders his beloved wife, Queen Gertrude, himself, and many other innocent people.

Also for the duration of the play Shakespeare shows his descriptive nature, to show how Claudius, betrayed the good of his brother only to be corrupted, himself. The symbolism behind...