Theme of "Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception"

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In the book "Artemis Fowl: the Opal Deception", there are definite themes that have to do with the main character of book, Artemis Fowl. One theme is: friendship is more important than materialism. This theme is consistent throughout the whole story. The theme of Artemis Fowl is friendship is more important than materialism.

The theme is very apparent, because in the beginning, all fourteen-year-old Artemis Fowl wants is gold. Artemis himself says, "If you guarantee me one metric ton of gold from your hostage fund, I will devise a plan to defeat this Opal Koboi" (Colfer 137). This is a prime example of how materialistic, at first, Artemis Fowl is. He does not even know what friendship is: "Yes. I've little experience in this area (meaning friendship), so I may have to read up on it." Holly then replies, "Friendship is not a science, Mud Boy (human boy).

Forget about your massive brain for a moment. Just do what you feel is right." (226). Even Butler, Artemis' manservant and bodyguard, has feelings of friendship and protection over young Artemis, especially right before he saves him from the missile. He thinks, "It's a smart bomb, and Master Artemis is the target" (103). Butler then hoists Artemis onto his back and jumps down from three stories up, down on a mattress. This is proof that Butler cares for him and that he would do anything to protect him. Artemis finally learns this truth through out his experiences with Captain Holly Short and starts to change.

In the previous book, Artemis had turned ethical and honest, but the mind-wipe that the LEP used to clear his memories of the Fairy Race also cleared any goodness. However, when he rediscovers his memories (thanks to a disk given to him by...