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THE THEME OF LONELINESS The novel, Of Mice And Men, written by John Steinbeck first published in 1937. The novel takes place in California in the 1930's. This novel has many themes and one of these themes is the theme of loneliness. This loneliness is caused by isolation. This theme of loneliness has many characters with many examples in the novel. This loneliness caused by isolation found in the characters of Candy, because he is old and useless; Crooks, because he is black and disabled; and Curley's wife, because she is beautiful and the only woman on the ranch.

The first character that is lonely is Candy. Candy is an old man who is missing his right hand. Candy owns a dog. The other men on the ranch cannot stand the smell or sight of Candy's dog. "God awmighty that dog stinks." "Got no teeth." Candy is forced to let his dog be killed by Carlson.

Nobody came on Candy's side and tell Carlson not to kill Candy's dog. Another example that Candy is isolated because he is always being left behind. Also when the men are on the hunt of Lennie, Candy is left behind in the bunkhouse. Candy is isolated and lonely old man in the novel Of Mice And Men because he has nothing great to give to the rest of the ranch.

Another character that is lonely is Curley's wife. She is married to the son of the boss and is the only woman on the ranch. The men on the ranch are afraid of her because she is married to the son of the boss, they could get fired if they talk to her. "I don't want no trouble." Sometimes she sneaks over to the bunk house, looking for somebody. "I'm looking for Curley." She does not love Curley because she does not like him. Curley's wife is a good example of how women were treated during the 1930's.

The character of Crooks is good example of loneliness cause by isolation because of the colour of his skin. Crooks is a black man who has a crooked back. Crooks is an outcast on the ranch. "Why ain't you wanted?" "Cause I'm black." His loneliness is shown when he pretends to be angry when Lennie came into his bedroom. This show how badly Crooks wants a friend. Crooks is a character in the novel that stands out from the other characters because he black and everybody is white on the ranch.

Other characters that have loneliness caused by isolation are Curley, Slim, and Lennie. When reading the novel Of Mice And Men it is not hard to notice the theme of loneliness. There are a lot of symbols in the novel that deal with loneliness in the novel. This novel is a good example how people were treated during the Great Depression in the 1930's in America. In conclusion the theme of loneliness due to isolation is a major factor in the novel Of Mice And Men.