Theme of Love in A View From The Bridge

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The purpose of this essay is to discuss the theme of love and how it is presented in A View from the Bridge, the importance of love in the play, the characters that demonstrate the various types of love, and how the characters are affected by these different types of love.

Throughout the play, Eddie show unnatural love for Catherine and not only acts like a father to her, but also as a jealous boyfriend. “I don’t believe it and I wish to hell you’d stop it!” This quote is a good example of Eddie’s jealousy about Rodolpho and Catherine’s relationship. He has shown his unnatural feeling for Catherine before when he was telling her not to wear high heels and that the men were looking at her too much: “’re walking wavy...I don’t like the looks they’re giving you in the candy store.” Then he also shows that he really cares about Catherine by saying “You ain’t ‘all the girls’.”When

Beatrice notices Eddie’s unnatural love for Catherine, she encourages Rodolpho and Catherine’s relationship and talks to Eddie. “Look, honey, you wanna get married, or don’t you wanna get married? What are you worried about, Katie?” When Beatrice says this to Catherine, she clearly encourages her relationship with Rodolpho. The relationship between Eddie and Beatrice also gets worse as she asks Eddie: “When am I gonna be a wife again, Eddie?”The romantic love between Rodolpho and Catherine is, according to Eddie just to get a Green Card and to be able to legally stay in the USA. Catherine argues that Rodolpho is innocent and that he simply loves her. The fact that Catherine loves Rodolpho is clearly shown when Rodolpho is singing and Eddie interrupts him and she says: “Leave him finish, it’s beautiful! He’s terrific! It’s terrific,