'Theme parks - Value for money?' Discursive essay

Essay by sammi22 September 2004

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I don't agree with this statement because the entry fees are way too much to get into the big theme parks such as Disney and Universal and there are extra things to pay for on top of the entrance price. The entry prices are way too high and they usually have an adult price and a child's price and quite often the upper age limit for child tickets is only 9 or 10 and at this age, they are not tall enough to get on many of the rides so it is a complete waste of money paying extra for an adult ticket. Sometimes rides are shut because of bad weather or for maintenance and they still make you pay the full price. Also when a family goes to a theme park for the day the kids will want to ride lots but the adults may not and smaller kids may not be able to ride many rides so it is unfair to make them all pay the same price.

I think the parents should be allowed to just accompany small kids for free unless they want to be able to ride the bigger rides too. I think places like Blackpool Pleasure Beach where you can either buy a wristband for all the rides or just get tokens for a few are better value for families where not everyone will want to ride a lot.

In the big parks it is often impossible to ride all the rides you want to in a day because of queues that can take up a lot of your time. It is not unusual to spent 30 minutes or longer in a queue for a popular rides. Some theme parks have tickets to ride at a specified time for popular attractions, which helps a...