Themes of "The Bean Trees" by Barbara Kingsolver: Family, Society unjustices, and people maturing.

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Themes are the fundamental and universal ideas explored in a literary work. Throughout the novel "The Bean Trees" the author Barbara Kingsolver used several themes to get her points across. The opening theme in this novel is the framework of a true family. Another theme that is prevalent in the course of the novel is how society unrightfully judges and takes advantage of weaker people. The concluding theme in the novel is how characters progress as life goes on. The numerous themes in this book teach readers lessons for life.

Family is not just measured in blood, but is also measured in the amount of love, unity, and support, the members all share. For insistence, Taylor speaks with Lou Ann over the phone while she and Turtle are in Oklahoma, about everything that has happened in their absence. Lou Ann confesses to Taylor '"I told somebody that you, Turtle, and Dwayne Ray were my family'" (244).

Dwayne Ray, Turtle, Taylor, and Lou Ann are all family because they are there to support each other emotionally. Furthermore, when Taylor first walks into Jesus is Lord Used Tires Mattie does everything that she can to make Taylor and Turtle more comfortable and to help them. While getting Turtle some juice, she explains to Taylor '"It's dry out here, kids will dehydrate fast"' (46). Her remark shows that Mattie is a mother figure to Taylor, because she is passing down advice. As Taylor grows to love Turtle, she feels that its time to take Turtle for a check up at the doctor's office, after receiving long detailed papers asking questions about Turtle, Taylor isn't sure what to do. Dishonesty, Taylor tells the nurse '"I'm a foster parent"' (128). This comment shows that Taylor is lovingly willing to lie, in order to...