Themes of fahrenheit 451

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Theme of Fahrenheit 451

The purpose of this writing is to support the foremost theme of a novel. The novel that will be focused on in this writing is Fahrenheit 451, which was written by the renowned author Ray Bradbury. There are many themes Mr. Bradbury tries to convey to the readers throughout the course of this story. Some examples of the major themes in the novel are one spark can start huge fire, the will to learn can overpower fear, and too much violence can numb the human mind. These are all major themes in the novel, but Ray Bradbury makes a single theme stand out amongst the rest and that is someone's fire can light another's path. This is the most important theme in the novel because Clarisse McClellan lit a path for Guy Montag, then Montag lit a path for Mildred Montag, and Montag also lit a path for Faber.

The primary reason that supports the theme someone's fire can light another's path is Clarisse's fire lit a path for Guy Montag. Clarisse is a beautiful seventeen year-old with a slender and milk-white face. Clarisse and her family are outcasts from society because of their anomalous habits such as being pedestrians. Her blazing passion for nature, her inquisitiveness, and her observation of everything around her help light a path for Montag. Her passion for nature makes him think about nature and how people in his society ignore the world around them. Clarisse's curiosity makes Montag think about if he is in actuality content with his life, his wife, and how he lives his life. Her observation of everything around her informs Montag that people in his society don't speak about much and that the society is incredibly fast paced. These three things help light a...