Themes in "Lord of the Flies" : Good vs. Evil --Are people generally good or generally evil?

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There are various outlooks of a man in the novel ?Lord of the Flies.? Piggy and Ralph viewed man as being essentially good and that evil happens because something was wrong with people. Jack used power over others and believed that forces more powerful than him must be appeased through ceremony and sacrifice. Simon believed that both good and evil lay within each person. William Golding?s point of view is also represented by one of the characters.

Piggy and Ralph believed that man was essentially good and when something was wrong with a person, evil arose. They emphasized in law and order from the day of the arrival on the island. One night Ralph and Piggy went to Castle Rock to regain order but Jack?s refused Ralph?s status of chief. Ralph and Piggy also believed that they could use the conch on Jack?s side of the island but Jack did not agree.

??the conch doesn?t count at this end of the island??(Page 166). Piggy and Ralph believed that the conch and Ralph?s status would work everywhere because they still believed in law and order. In one incident Jack Roger and the Maurice went to the shelters where Samneric, Ralph, Piggy and the littluns were sleeping. That night the three men arrived at the shelters and stole Piggy?s glasses after a fight. Ralph and Piggy were furious and all Piggy wanted to do was reclaim his glasses, ?I just take the conch to say this. I can?t see no more and I got to get my glasses back. Awful things has been done on this island??(Page 188) ??what?s right is right. Give me my glasses, I?m going to say ? you got to!? (Page 190). Piggy and Ralph believed that Jack would return the glasses because stealing was wrong,