Themes in the movie, "Powder"

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In life there often are those who do not fit in with the norms of society. Such ways of their existence could be a testament to their uniqueness or rather to the solitude of their existences. In Powder the existence of one human being is both a testament to uniqueness as well as the quiets of solitude.

Powder is essentially a movie about a troubled teen. Jeremy Reed was raised with his grandparents. He lived in their basement and spent all his time reading highly intellectual books. He is discovered by a social worker, who tries to send him to public school so that he can make friends and come out of his isolation. However, Jeremy, nicknamed Powder, has trouble making friends. Powder is a very special boy. His mother was struck by lightning before he was born; she died from it, he did not. Because of this unique birth, Jeremy is blessed with special powers: he is exceptionally intelligent, can "see into" people (their emotions, memories, etc.),

and he can harness the powers of electricity and magnetism. Unfortunately, Jeremy also has exceptionally white skin and no hair. The other kids mock him cruelly and do everything they can to hurt his pride; the only people who try to understand him are his science teacher, Donald Ripley and a pretty fellow student named Lindsey. His life can relate to the theme of "discrimination". He is discriminated for strictly the way he appears. People see him as a "freak". She enrolls him at a school where he is prejudiced against him because of his milky white skin. Everyone thinks he is strange. The theme of "discrimination" relates to world issues, because people around the world go through it everyday. It is constantly with us wherever we go. We see people being...