Themes in the text "The Handsomest Drowned man in the world" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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Essay- The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World

As one of the greatest imaginations of all time, Walt Disney once said "Where would I be without my imagination? … if we don't use our imaginations to their full potential then some of lives greatest moments are being left behind". If Mr. Disney never realised this our lives would be without some movie classics. These classics hold many different memories for each individual. If we lived in a world with no imagination we would be very boring, all the same and no one would have creativity. In the book The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, she seems to show a world that begins with no imagination and develops creativity, diversity and faith. Our imaginations are made from our experiences and what we take out of them. Imagination is a necessary trait for happiness.

In the text, it becomes apparent that we can internalise our thoughts and ideas.

The story has many examples of this for instance our imaginations help to give meaning or reasoning to abstract things. The author shows this by the way that the characters used their imaginations to attribute characteristics to the dead body of Esteban. These characteristics were not really there "The first children who saw the dark and slinky bulge approaching through the sea let themselves think it was an enemy ship"(p.274). They imagined him to be a ship because that is what their imaginations saw and wanted them to believe. Another way we can internalise our thoughts and ideas is by assuming. The story depicts this when the characters are assuming how his life was when they really had no information or facts they assumed "That magnificent man had lived in he village, his house would have had he...