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6 March 2013

Famously known as Dr. Seuss, Theodore Geisel was a very successful cartoonist and most famously a children's book author. He is known for his use of rhythmic patterns illustrated by his colorful, unique cartoon in his children's stories. Theodore Geisel's writing style affected everyone in America including adults, children, authors, and cartoonists. Although most notoriously known for writing children's books, Geisel also wrote a couple of novels meant for adults. Also, his writing for children helped the adults more easily teach their children how to read. (Anderson 111) The children's viewpoint on reading shifted and their imaginations were stimulated after reading his fun stories. (Anderson 110) Furthermore, it helped dyslexic children read without a struggle. (Levin 91) They changed the way adults and children dream. (Pease 152) His books created a new style for writers with the rhythmic pattern his stories contained.

Additionally, because of the colorful and unserious illustrations created by Geisel, the cartoon style was, also, altered. Through his creative writing styles and unique form of artwork, Theodore Geisel shaped the world's perception and outlook of reading and literature.

Although influencing others with his writing, Theodore Geisel was inspired by important people in his lifetime. His parents were one of the most influential people when it came to his desire for literature. His dad's perfectionistic views affected Geisel's view on life as it helped him not to settle for imperfection. (Levin 14) His father always took him out early in the morning for shooting practice for a better chance to break a shooting record and he would not stop until his son was close to perfect. (Levine 15) Also, Geisel's father's adversity in his lifetime showed Geisel that success could come out of hardship. (Levine...