Theodore Roosevelt.

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Theodore Roosevelt

(A World Leader)

Theodore Roosevelt was one of America's most respected presidents. Theodore, or TR as also called, was born on October 27,1858 in New York City into a wealthy family and was raised up in Oyster Bay with his childhood friend, Edith Carow. Theodore was often ill with asthma most of his childhood. He overcame this affliction by building up his physical strength. By the time he became a teenager, he was well built in his physical appearance, and took up the sport of boxing and rowing. TR enrolled at Harvard University in 1876. In 1881, TR was elected the youngest member of the state assembly in Albany. The first corrupt politician he went after was a Supreme Court justice. Roosevelt was a member of the Republican Party. In 1884, He married for the first time to Alice Lee Roosevelt. Alice died giving birth to a daughter who TR named after his wife, Alice.

TR lost both his mother and his wife on the same day. Theodore was so devastated and depressed that after the deaths; he decided to go cattle ranching in western North Dakota. There, he mastered his sorrow as he lived in the saddle, driving cattle, hunting big game--he even captured an outlaw. TR's supporters referred to him as "that cowboy". On a visit to London, he met up with his long lost old friend, Edith Carow, there; they were married in December 1886. A year later, TR lost most of his livestock to a blizzard that struck his cattle ranch.

When Benjamin Harrison was elected President, TR was given the job of Civil Service Commissioner. In 1895, TR became the police commissioner of NYC, through this, he introduced telephones and standardized patty wagons to the New York police precincts. In 1896,