Theodore Roosevelt.

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Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was one of the most popular American presidents as well as one of the most important. As the 26th president Theodore Roosevelt was in the middle of the progressive reforms. His ego was only surpassed by the good he had done for the country. His great accomplishments during presidential office led to the total reform of what this country is today. He was a very determined person. His wife was one of the people who were behind him and gave him advice, he has even been heard saying that some of the advice she has given him, that he rejected, he has regretted. He is the person responsible for the Panama Canal, the trusts diminished, and he has even won the Nobel Peace prize.

The Panama Canal was said to be built as something to improve trade but Theodore thought of it as more of a strategic move.

Of course he didn't want any one to know that or suspect something else, so he said it was to improve trade. The canal improved trade because instead of going all around South America they would be able to go through the canal, by paying the US a toll fee, and saving thousands of miles and fuel costs. The canal was a strategy because Theodore wanted a way for the navy to go any where in a short amount of time, and by making the Panama Canal that was accomplished. No one is more proud of the panama canal than he is. "The canal," Roosevelt said, "was by far the most important action I took in foreign affairs during the time I was President. When nobody could or would exercise efficient authority, I exercised it."

The main drive of Roosevelt's administration was toward a balance of...