Theodore Roosevelt.

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Theodore Roosevelt was the twenty-sixth president of the United States. He became president by accident. He became president after the assassination of President William McKinley in September 1901. He was a man with many accomplishments. He built the Panama Canal in order for ships to pass through the middle of the Americas instead of having to go around. This was good both for trade and for moving his naval fleet like "The Great White Fleet" rapidly around the world. He was also a passionate conservationist. "Is there any law that will prevent me from declaring Pelican Island a Federal Bird Reservation? . . .Very well, then I so declare it!" In March of 1903 he declared the first of his fifty-one national parks. He made sure that there were many places that people cannot go around and hunt the any animals or trees could be cut down. An example of a park he saved today is Yellow Stone Park.

He broke up trusts in order to spread the wealth among people. The first trust he broke up was the steel trust. He made sure that all the steel manufactured and sold was not by the same owner a group of people. He separated it into around fifteen different sections. He did the same thing with railroads and other trusts. He also raised minimum wage and shortened the hours worked in a day by three hours. His argument to the owners of the companies is that the workers would work more efficiently. Many people consider him as one of the greatest presidents of them all. President Clinton believes that Theodore Roosevelt was the greatest president and used him as a a figure to look up at during his presidency