Theology defining Christianity, disproving evolution, proving that God created the universe, giving reasons why Jesus was an actual human being.

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1) If there is no God and we are the consequence of naturalistic evolution there can be now meaning in our lives.

If there was no God, then our lives would serve no purpose to society. Without anything to live for, I would have no hope, no point in living. My life would be pointless.

If people had no reason to live, then life would be complete chaos, no order whatsoever. Without God, we would have now real values, because he sets them for us through his Word.

Anything designed has a reason, because with out reason, it wouldn't be used. Everything meets a need. The idea of God is that He has thought through it all and planned exactly how everything will come to work together. For example, my dad is an architect, everything he designs serves a purpose.

2) The Kalam-Cosmological argument states that the universe has a beginning and a person caused that beginning.

The universe had a beginning? Give 3 arguments for this position.

Kalam states: 1) Everything that begins to exist has a cause.

2) The universe (all beings bounded by time) began to exist.

3) Therefore, the universe had a cause by some one personal.

Everything that exists, has a prior cause in which brought it into existence. It is impossible for something to create itself into existence from nothing.

According to the Kalam-Cosmological argument, the universe either came to exist or it always existed. Therefore if the universe is beginningless, then an infinite duration of past history has preceded the present day. That causes a problem, because if the past precedes the present point, then that point will never be reached. But the present has obviously been reached, so the universe can't be beginningless-it must have a beginning.

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