Theology of Sex

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AbstractThe aim of this research paper is to discuss and analyze human sexuality from a biblical prospective. According to research based on biblical a prospective, sex was invented by God for a man and a woman to share their intimacy therefore strengthening their marital bonds. An in depth look at sex as it is described in the bible, will show that sexual intimacy between a married couple, it is the ultimate promise of commitment towards ensuring each other's happiness at all times. Topics such as sex before marriage, meaning of sex, and type of sexual acts between man and wife will be discussed utilizing research from a theological prospective and as it applies to modern times and societal representations.

The subject of sexuality has become very significant in the Christian world today. Unlike in the past, in today's society sexuality, in all its forms, has generated contradictions, conflicts, and collective disagreements.

For thousands of years, Christians believed that God intended men to be leaders of women in the church and in the home. God established a hierarchy with himself at the top, men in the middle, and women holding up the bottom. Medieval Catholics truly believed in this order as their interpretation of the scriptures.

In the past, sexuality was a subject that was often avoided in public and especially in the Christian world. However, due to the changing times and the increase of sexual activity among young people and unmarried couples, it has become paramount that this issue must be addressed in churches and in other public places. This aspect has been important in order to ensure that the communities are given the right perspective of sexuality according to the holy teachings contained in the bible. Talking about sex and attempting to address this subject in church settings,