Theories of Personality

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Using Erikson's framework, discuss the issue(s)that you are concerned with at this stage in your development. Give examples of the issue(s). How are the issues being resolved and in what direction?The term identity crisis was first coined by Psychologist Erik Erikson to describe the failed search for a sense of personal identity during adolescence and early childhood. This concept describes the condition of those people who never had the idea of how to describe themselves in meaningful, truthful ways, for which they spend the rest of their lives searching for that elusive identity. In the light of Erik Erikson's scheme, psychologists identified two types of identity crisis. An identity deficit occurs when the person is seeking to establish a desired identity, while an identity conflict is when two or more aspects of the self are in opposition with one another.

I could pretty much say that I have already built a desirable identity that I want to impose upon myself.

That is, the "survivor" identity. I try to keep up with the pace, easy or hard, just to get going. In the kind of life that I have, I am more than required to take on multiple characters, in order to adapt into certain circumstances. For instance, in order to get along with grouchy and morose parents at home, I act a little childish and stubborn, just to balance the atmosphere inside the house. In school, however, I try to become more serious, thoughtful, and friendly, as much as possible. In my organizations, I try to be reliable and understanding of other people's duties, but not as much deeply involved so as to avoid being abused.

Meanwhile, I experience short-term fluctuations in my identity when two or more aspects of myself are in opposition with one another. I tend...