Theory and Analyzation on the "Man On the Moon"

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President Bush. Kobe Bryant. Martha Stewart. These are some of the people in our society today that try to present themselves as the "social hero/winner" in the social order that we have in our culture. The likes of these people portray themselves in this kind of light because they are wealthy, have status, and try to be an example for others (the fools as they see in their eyes). However, we find out with time that these people are just Alazons because they are fake, imposters that try to obstruct the unity of the community. From this example, we can see why Andy Kaufman (the Eiron) through his wacky, comical, and sometimes controversial tactics, expose these Alazons in the movie Man on the Moon. Andy uncovers many of these imposters in the movie, yet there are two situations that happen during the course of the film that are very significant and subtle in the way he does it.

One example can be seen right from the get go when the movie starts and Andy comes out and tells the audience that they wasted their time and that the movie was over. Another similar situation to this can be seen when Andy's agent is negotiating with the ABC executives about Andy's terms of his contract. From these two points, we can see that Andy's mission is try to expose these "social heroes/winners" for what they really are by performing some unconventional methods through confusion, trickery, and manipulation.

As the movie begins, we see Andy (played by Jim Carrey) come out in a black and white background telling the audience in a child's voice that the audience has made a big mistake by watching this movie, and that they should go home and do something better with their time. To further prove...