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Undergraduate Courses The faculty of technology offers M.Sc programs; the swedish name of the degree is "Civilingenjör". 666 students are annually accepted in four disciplines: M: Mechanical engineering (150) D: Computer science and engineering (120) Y: Applied physics av Electrical engineering (180) I: Industrial engineering and Management (216) The nominal time for the M.Sc. program is 4,5 years. The first three years mainly consist of compulsory courses in basic subjects. After two and a half years the students make a choice between different specializations (profiles), where some courses are compulsory (profile courses) and the rest, within some limits, can be composed to fit the students own interest.

The Y-students can choose between ten profiles, three of which are related to the Department of Physics and Measurement technology (IFM).

The "IFM-profiles" are: Applied Physics Physical Electronics Measurement Technology Most of the courses given by IFM are for the Y-program, and in addition some basic courses are given for the other programs.

The courses are classified in two fields: "Physics" and "Measurement technology".

Tuition in Physics Basic (compulsory) courses in Physics: Name Year Lecture hours Lesson hours Labwork hours Principles of Physics Y 1 42 32 Experimental problem solving I 1 6 24 Introductory Physics I 1 30 24 Introductory Pysics M 1 36 24 20 Modern Physics M 1 36 25 Wave Physics Y 2 18 22 10 Electromagnetic field theory Y Y 2 36 40 Electromagnetic field theory I I 3 26 18 Electromagnetism D 2 28 20 Engineering Mechanics D D 2 44 26 4 Modern Physics I 3 36 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics Y 3 30 18 Modern Physics Y Y 3 42 34 Specialized courses, mainly aimed at the profiles "Applied Physics" and "Physical Electronics".

Year Lecture Lesson Labwork hours hours hours Physical laboratory work, advanced course...