Theory Y vs. Theory X

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After taking a quick quiz, it would seem that I prefer the environment created by a Theory Y management style. Theory Y is the most predominately used method of management. This theory has gone through a few transformations since McGregor first wrote about his X and Y theories in the early 60's. I think that companies have realized that managing people like robots does not promote a sense of ownership among employees and eventually diminishes work production. If I worked in an X theory employment situation, I would feel like I was working only for the salary and pray that no problems become evident on their shift. If a problem does become apparent it becomes the management's problem and I would offer few or no suggestions for its solution.

I presume that most employees fall somewhere between X and Y, depending on the type of employment and the firm they are working in.

These facets will help determine the type of employee. If the management style is dominant and doesn't ask for employee input the employee would then determine if the salary is enough compensation for the work that is asked for. The employee may decide that the salary does not include the benefit of suggestions or ideas for better job performance. The employee will not support the company and its goals but the company will support the employee. If on the other hand the company follows the team management style of supervision, the feeling of inclusion with the company will supplement the monetary compensation and typically, the employee will offer suggestions for better production. People who seek employment in this type of company are generally more project/company orientated instead of single skill focused.

There are many different types of management styles. (1) Self-managing teams. Teams of employees are involved...