There always exists three sides to every story. Within the

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There always exists three sides to every story. Within the controversial issues within the Pocahontas Myth, John Smith and Chief Roy Crazy Horse explain their sides of the story. This only amounts to two sides of the required third. The third side of each story is the simple truth behind the issue. John Smith explains how he perceives the myth to be in accordance with his misplaced self-centered perspective. Chief Roy Crazy Horse is pertaining his side to clearing himself of any relation with such blasphemy created by Disney and John Smith. Both sides represent radical views on the truth and a collaboration of both as well as historical evidence should reveal the truth beneath the myth.

Both views have radical roots to the incident, yet both only have a common sake for granting that this incident did occur. John Smith explains how he believes that Pocahontas was a dear child to the emperor, while Chief Roy Crazy Horse explains that Pocahontas was quite spoiled and considered to be "the naughty one".

The truth of the myth must lie within a compromise of the two radical opinions, or as many scholars depict that this event never occurred. That is probably the truth within the myth because the various outlooks based on the incident.

Chief Roy Crazy Horse's claims that Pocahontas was spoiled, but many scholars have derived her name to be "the playful one." Another reason impairing the authenticity that John Smith may have even created this whole incident, was that it was written seventeen years after the incident actually occurred. And before this John Smith never referred to the incident. Smith wrote his perspective of the "myth" in a self-centered image, creating much controversy over the actual occurrences within the time