Is there evidence/argument for life after death? Is it possible for someone to be externally condemned from god?

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I am of the opinion that neither is there evidence for the argument for life after death, nor is it possible for someone to be externally condemned from god. As for the first statement, I think the better question would be, “Is there life after death?”, as that would be the more profound query. But as for the question of whether there is actual evidence for life after death, I doubt there are too many reasonable people that believe that there is concrete proof that life continues after death. Many people feel that there must be some life after death because the possibility that there isn't is too hard to swallow, and I know that many people have strong sensations and dreams that they feel point to the strong possibility of an afterlife, but there's no question that this is neither evidence nor a strong argument. The strongest argument for life after death is that there is one because god and the bible say that there is, but since I don’t believe in god or the bible, that argument holds little value to me and so I’ve come to the conclusion that the only existence possible is in this world, and until someone comes back from the grave with evidence otherwise, I'm holding firm to this belief.

Part two of this debate is whether or not it is possible for someone to be eternally condemned from god. The short answer to this is that no, it is not possible, because neither god nor hell exist. But in order to fill up the rest of this page, we’ll assume god does exist and ill continue this argument from a theologian’s perspective. Unfortunately this too has a short answer, because assuming god exists, anything is possible. Once again I feel the better question would be, “Do people get eternally condemned from god and go to hell”, as that is a more powerful, thought provoking question. But as for whether it is actually possible, of course it is because everything is possible. I might believe that god is forgiving and that all souls eventually go to heaven, but I can’t say that it is not actually possible for the opposite to be true; that it’s possible to go to hell for an eternity. So in conclusion I believe that there is no evidence for life after death, at least I haven’t discovered any yet, and that it is not possible for someone to be eternally condemned from god because god does not exist, so there is no one to be eternally condemned from.