Is There Extraterrestrial Life Out There?

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Are we alone here in the universe? Is there any extraterrestrial life out there? If so, how do they look like? These are a few of roaring questions that have been asked consistently in past decades up until this moment. Before anything else, it is important to know what is meant by "extraterrestrial life" or also known as E.T. or aliens. By the term E.T., it suggests that life may exist and originate from other than our planet. Moreover, some people believe that these extraterrestrial beings visit planet Earth every so often in what is called a "UFO", unidentified flying object that is observed in the sky. It has been reviewed that the existence of ET is hypothetical. There are many studies which prove and disprove the existence of extraterrestrial life that have been said to have landed on planet Earth. However, the evidence that is shown hardly proves in detail that the Earth has been visited by extraterrestrial life.

To summarize the article Puerto Rico Alien Recovered, it discusses the experience of Jose Chino Zaya along with his two young boys in 1979. They were having a fishing trip where within the area there were many caves. Zaya was terrified when he saw several small beings in the cave, staying and inhabiting their temporary homes. As stated by Zaya, his legs were grabbed by one of the small creatures. He grabbed a stick and beat the creature over the head, which eventually resulted in the creature's death. Having minimal knowledge about science, Zaya brought the body home and preserved it with formaldehyde. After some time, Zaya gave an account about the creature to a local Police Department in Las Ochentas. The reason for the report is due to the fear that other E.T. beings would attack him for the...