Is There a God? How Do We (Or Can We) Know If There Is?

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ESSAY: Is There a God? How Do We (Or Can We) Know If There Is?

Humans tend to want tangible facts as whether or not God exist. They want to look at Him, feel Him, touch Him, and hear Him. The point that people fail to realize is that in reality God is not tangible. He is not a creature or being that can be grasped with our five senses. God is our faith. Our belief in God's existence is brought about by our faith and belief in him. Is God actually real or is he make-believe? In my opinion, I believe that God does exist and he is real. It is the minor but major miracles that God performs in my life on a daily basis that serves as my personal proof that he exist. For example, I wake up every morning, because he decided to bestow his grace and mercy upon me.

Many people say that their alarm clock wakes them up each morning. In part, this may be true, however I question what gives them the use of their bodies and what keeps them in the right frame of mind. Certainly, this is not by the power of their alarm clock or even by their own will. In all actuality it was God. Moreover, it was God that blessed someone with the knowledge to create the alarm clock and the batteries and/or electricity to power it. There is a God and He does not have to debate with His creation His existence. He expects for us to accept the fact that He is real. He simply started in His word, "In the beginning God …" Hebrews chapter 1 verse 1-3 states that "God has revealed Himself to man through His word". 1 We need to except through...