There is a great confusion questioning the reason of punishment.

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There is a great confusion questioning the reason of punishment. It is to detain criminals and take them away from society? Is it to deter them and stop them from doing this crime again? Or, is it to rehabilitate them, and change them? When you detain someone, you are taking him or her away from society. Keeping them in custody. Making sure that they do not correspond with the outside world. Is this the reason of punishment? Do they want to keep them away from everybody and everything? Maybe by doing this they think that it will keep them from anything that might cause them to commit another crime. For example, there was a male you raped a woman. I think that the reason why they would punish him was to detain him and keep him away from innocent people he may hurt.

Discourage from some action by making the consequences seem frightening.

This is what you do when you deter someone. Basically, they are trying to make them learn their lesson. They want to frighten or scare them, which will cause them to fear committing another crime. Does it work to deter someone? If it does, how come there are some many criminals out there still committing crimes? How come there are so many criminals out there you have committed a crime more than once? Another possible reason for punishment is rehabilitation. When you rehabilitate someone, you are trying to change or restore him or her. While you do this you limit their rights and privileges. Making them gain them back. Rehabilitation is not trying to deter nor detaincriminals. It is trying to change them completely. Making sure that they never do this crime again. But they make this decision on their own will. Does this work? It did for me.

To detain, deter, and to rehabilitate are all good reasons of punishment. But which one is the main reason of it? Is this action the reason for all punishments? Or does it depend? I think that it depends on the crime or the person. For me, I can learn my lesson after one mistake. But there are others who will need to mess up more than once to learn their lesson and there are those who never will learn their lesson. I have stated my opinion on these possible reasons of punishment, and now I leave it up to you. What is or should be the objective of punishment?