There are many religions in which people hold their faith

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There are many religions in which people hold their faith in today?s fickle and complicated society. Christianity. Muslim, and Hinduism are the three major faiths of practice used common throughout and around the world. But there is one religion that is not quite recognizable and is known by its followers. Yet it?s practiced in many countries throughout the world; however few people outside its confines know anything about. Unlike the churches, temples, and mosques that the primary religions use to congregate their people, the street corner religion uses the streets.

Street Corner Religion is a religion in which human beings that are considered the slum or the lower class of the world engage in illicit economic activity and worship the streets. To the less unfortunate the streets are their stomping grounds because it is the best way surviving their poor and unfair economic struggles. Finding a better way out of their earthly hell is the only thing that drives the faith.

Underemployment and unemployment, lack of adequate education and poor job skills, broken homes, drug addiction, learning disabilities, lack of government commitment, Black male irresponsibility, and capitalism are the lower classes reality and the major causes of their disheartening and menial predicament. To these people the streets are reflective of giving opportunities to achieve basic, positive human ends in a negative environment in which they benefit from monetary gain by negative means. The faithful followers of the streets fight for fate and more importantly their souls against a system of institutional racism that causes people to fell while keeping a third behind bars.

?The Enslavement of an estimated ten million Africans over a period of almost four centuries in the Atlantic slave trade was a tragedy of such scope that it is difficult to imagine, much less comprehend. When these...