Is There Really Anything To Fear?

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Is There Really Anything To Fear? Chad Hanes The death penalty has grown into a judicial, legal, and financial circus. It's no longer a law to punish the guilty; it has become an endless economic drain on all counties and a humanity battle. We as Americans have forgotten what the death penalty is to be used for. Whether it is man, woman, or juvenile, if you are facing the death penalty you have committed a violent crime against society and need to be punished in the same manner.

The history of the Death Penalty can be traced back to the early 1800's, in English occupied India. There was an Indian hoodlum band known as the Thuggees. This cult was connected with more than 2,000,000 murders dating back to the early 1500's. The Thuggees were believed to kill in the name of religion. "THESE KILLINGS WERE HUMAN SACRIFICES TO KALI, THE BLOODTHIRSTY HINDUSTANI GODDESS OF DESTRUCTION.

ACCORDING TO LEGEND, THE THUGGEES BELIEVED THAT KALI DEVOURED THE BODIES OF THEIR VICTIMS. THE STORY GOES THAT ONCE A MEMBER OF THE SOCIETY HID BEHIND A TREE IN ORDER TO SPY ON THE GODDESS. THE ANGRY GODDESS PUNISHED THE THUGGEES BY MAKING THEM BURY THEIR VICTIMS FROM THEN ON" (LOWE). British rule worked very hard to stop these killings from 1829 to 1848, by arresting the Thuggees by the masses and giving them a quick execution. The British government would leave the bodies of the members swinging from gallows by the road side by the hundreds. Not only did this keep those who were convicted of the crime from striking again, but it also discouraged those seeking membership into the cult. This was known as deterrence. Capital Punishment and deterrence have always gone hand and hand. In the early times of capital punishment,