There are several settings in our short stories The Yellow Wallpaper."The Storm" The Cask of Amontillado.How was each setting is vital for each story.

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There are several settings in "The Yellow Wallpaper" every setting is vital forthe story. One of the settings is "A colonial mansion, a hereditary estate, I would say ahaunted house, and reach the height of romantic felicity--but that would be asking too much offate". The setting of the house gives one the impression that the house is very creepy and a lessthan desirable place to live. Another important setting is the late 1800's this is a vital settingbecause the narrator is suffering from postpartum depression, but at the time it was considerednervousness. Furthermore the period of time is important because the narrators husbandcontrolled everything in her life and even told her how she was feeling. She went along with hisviews because women of this era were controlled by the men in their lives. The nursery is alsoanther setting in this story because this is were the narrator spends most of her time and this iswhere she goes from postpartum depression to psychosis.

In the nursery is where the yellowwallpaper is and it's where her obsession about the wallpaper grows. The description of thewallpaper is also a description of our narrator "It is dull enough to confuse the eye in following,pronounced enough to constantly irritate and provoke study, and when you follow the lameuncertain curves for a little distance they suddenly commit suicide--plunge off at outrageousangles, destroy themselves in unheard of contradictions". All the different element in this storyfinely add up to cause the narrator to go completely mad.

C. An allegory is a story with two parallel levels of meaning. One is literal andthe other is figurative. This story is an allegory dealing with one's morals. Brownrepresents everyone and Faith represents his faith. When he goes to the Old man in thewoods who really is the Devil, he...