There is a summary and response on "No One's a Mystery" by Elizabeth Tallent.

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"No One's a Mystery" by Elizabeth Tallent - Summary

In the Elizabeth Tallent's story "No One's Mystery" is talking about the eighteen-year-old girl-narrator and Jack. The story begins with a present that Jack gives to the girl for her eighteenth birthday. It was a five-year dairy.

The young girl and men were sitting together, when Jack saw his wife's car. He pushed down girl onto the floor, because he was afraid of his wife. He did want his wife to see him with other girl sitting together. When his wife drove out, man let girl to get back into the seat. He said that her wife would never look over her shoulder. Jack told that knew this like knew about what the narrator will write in her dairy. He said that she would write about him. He said that during the first year she would write about her love to him.

Next year she will wonder why she was thinking that she was in love with him. In two years she will not even remember his name.

The girl was thinking that it was not true. She said, "I won't write that." She explained that she would write about her love. Than they will get marry and she will wait him at home. In two years they will have baby.

Jack did not believe in her future imagination. He was assured that she was wrong. He thought that there is only one future, the future he described. In spite of this the narrator was thinking that only she was right.


When I read this story the first question which I asked myself was what is the meaning of this story. What did Elizabeth Tallent want to say?

The young eighteen-years-old girl and the man whose name...