"There would be no difficulty if Satan were simply an Iago;The difficulty arises because he is a Macbeth" Discuss this comment on Satan's character.

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Milton and Shakespeare are the two great stars of the Elizabethan period.Their works , to some extent, have attained the level of classics.The characters created by them has raised a lot of stormy discussions among the

critics.Whether it is the "Othello" or the "Paradise Lost", there are several scopes to regard both of them as literary masterpieces having infinite prospects of interpretations from different points of view.

If we analyse the character of Satan in the light of the given comment we will find out that the hero of Paradise Lost and the hero of Macbeth has many common elements in them than the villain of Othello.These three characters

are turned into universal symbols by the necessity and the probability imposed on them by the two great literary geniuses.

In the Shakespearean tragedy, if Othello is the symbol of love, Iago is a perfect personification of hate --- the root of the evil.

In the biblical story of Fall, the serpent comes from outside and secures their banishment from paradise by taking advantages of the weaknesses of Adam and Eve. Iago is an alien in heaven created by Othello and Desdemona, but it is their generosity that helps him to blast that heaven although he himself is ruined by the same generosity in an unsuspected corner. Now, if we turn our eyes towards the Miltonian masterpiece, we will find that the Satan is also an evil incarnate and he exists only for the sake of sinfulness.But at the same time he is "not simply an Iago", he is always prepared to sacrifice his personal good for the general welfare. he is so full of sympathy and affection that when he stands to speak to his followers, he is so filled with feelings...