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The commercial of Therma Zan is intended to the overweight public.

They explain Therma Zan is a diet pill which attacks your weight problem

and all it takes is to swallow a pill and you will burn calories in a fast, easy and

"safe" way. They assume that the costumer will start losing weight even when he

is not on a diet by breaking down and melting off excess fat and it also releases

energy from the burned fat so you aren't as hungry. "Never again will you be

waiting for your next meal starved, mentally drained, and trembling from lack of

energy." It is also said, that all of the ingredients used are 100% safe and proven

to be effective and it will make the person lose weight fast. Resuming, the

message is that their diet pill is the best in the market, witch has only positive

aspects and the costumer will lose weight in a fast, easy and safe way.

With the phrase, "All it takes, is to swallow a pill," and not giving the full

information about the product, in my opinion, the purpose is to sell their product

at any cost. Even if we are talking about arming the consumer, they don't care

because their main idea is to sell their product.

The information present in the advertising is not accurate because it's not

given the total information about the product. In this advertising the information is

incomplete, as we notice; it only has positive aspects about the product. But what

they don't show is the negative part. Like Therma Zan, diet pills can have a

significant impact on our blood pressure, metabolism and general health. All the

diet pills have one thing in common; they have ephedrine. Ephedrine has been

known to cause many minor...