Theroy of Evolution: Respond to a statement a student makes when he or she says they do not belive in the theroy of evolution.

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Respond to this question: As an environmental science teacher a student tells you he/she dose not believe in the theory of evolution. (350-700 words)

I would tell the student that:

I am glad they are thinking through different questions and theories that arise in the field of science. You do not need to believe in the theory of evolution to believe in science. They are in fact very different. For example if I showed you my favorite car a shiny green Mustang, with a tan convertible top. I then told you I placed some objects in my clothes dryer and tumbled them around until this car drove out. No one would believe me. The study of science has always been to raise questions and do research trying to find the most logical explanation for a natural occurring law (such as the law of gravity) It is very difficult to believe something as a scientist with out logical data to back it up.

Many well known scientist do not agree with the theory of evolution, they do not agree that the elements (weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force, gravity, and electromagnetism-any alterations of these balances and laws would spell death to all mankind) came about by chance. The environment is too finely tuned for them to see it as a freak chance of nature. There is also the challenge of complexity for example there are myriad chemical reactions that need to be precisely staged to form DNA, the building block of life. The likely hood of this happening by chance is as likely as winning the lottery three times in a row. Assume that the DNA molecule had the opportunity to develop by natural chemical reactions on 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1020) "hospitable" planets over a period of four billion years. What...