These are a few examples for descriptive paragraph,narrative and a basic paragraph. I got great grades on these.

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Cars, we know them, we love them. Although as a teenager, you don't always consider the responsibilities needed to keep a car well maintained. My first car was a '91 Mazda RX-7 with a convertible top. When I bought the car, all I cared about was how fast I could go and the fact that it was a convertible. However, I didn't consider that if I raced around, it would put a lot of wear and tear on my car. Eventually, my clutch began to slip, and my engine started to overheat. I replaced the clutch, and then continued to drive my car, even though the engine would still overheat. Over time the car got worse. The engine started overheating more quickly, and I was unable to drive far distances. I quickly learned after my unfortunate experience that a car should be used for transportation and not for fun.

I now own a '96 Ford Taurus, which I bought for its reliability. Also, I do not take my car for granted because I know the consequences, and I don't want to ruin another car. All in all I now know how to keep my car well maintained, and I understand the responsibilities of owning a car.


It was the night before Valentine's Day. My boyfriend and I had just spent the whole day in Pueblo. We were both really tired and it was becoming a long drive home. On the radio, we were listening to 94.3 KILO, which was playing nothing but commercials. Then the D.J. announce he chance to win Collective Soul tickets. All I had to do was be caller number nine. I called the radio station from my cell phone three times and only got a busy signal. I was about to give up when I decided to call one more time. To my surprise it was ringing. The D.J. answered the phone saying, "You're caller number nine you just won Collective Soul tickets!" The next night, my boyfriend and I got to see the kickoff of Collective Soul's world tour. It was the best Valentine's Day I've ever had.


Have you ever had a moment that was set in your memory like a snapshot? I have one, and it is of my Grandma. Her hair was brown and wavy resting just below her shoulders. Her face, fair and smooth, was adorned with brown tinted glasses through which her beautiful brown eyes shown brightly when the light caught them jsut right. You could have mistaken her smile for a movie star's. It could have brightened a whole city! Her laugh could encourage anyone to laugh along with her. She had a light inside her that anyone could see. She was wise beyond her years. She taught me new things in the years she was here. This is why I hold this "snapshot" close to my heart.