These are study notes for United States History. They can be used to study for final exams. These notes contain information on The Colonial period through Union times.

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Ch 1 & 2 Review

1. Reformation- Religious movement in the 16th century Europe, reform the catholic church.

2. joint stock company- Business in which investors pool their wealth for a common purpose.

3. Jamestown- First colony established by John Smith.

4. indentured servants-People that came to the new world in exchange of the passage, they agreed to a limited term of servitude.

5. House of Burgesses- Virginia's colonial legislature.

6. Pilgrims- Group of people that fled from Holland and built the Plymouth plantation.

7. Puritans- A religious group that felt that the church had kept too much of the Catholic ritual and tradition.

8. Massachusetts Bay Colony- Colony established around the Massachusetts Bay.

9. Mercantilism- he theory in which a nation could increase its wealth and power in two ways; obtaining as much gold and silver possible, and establishing a balance of trade.

10. Navigation Acts-A series of laws made by Parliament to control trade in the colonies.

11. cash crops- Growing single crops for sale.

12. triangular trade- The Transatlantic trading network used to trade slaves.

13. middle passage- The middle leg of the trade triangle.

14. Enlightenment- Period in European history which philosophers stressed reason and scientific method.

15. Great Awakening-The revival and restoring of the early Puritan church.

1. French & Indian War- War between Great Britain and France for control of North America.

2. Treaty of Paris of 1763- Confirmed U.S. independence and set the boundaries of the new nation.

3. Pontiac's Rebellion- Combined resistance of the British army.

4. Proclamation of 1763- A proclamation Line along the Appalachians.

5. Sugar Act- Law to stop the smuggling of goods to the colonies.

6. Vice-Admiralty Courts- Navy captains were the jury, judge on his ship.

7. Stamp Act- Tax passed that levied on goods and...